An Ultimate Animal Crossing New Leaf Villager Guide

If you are an NPC game enthusiast you must know Animal Crossing New Leaf which we will show you the Animal Crossing New Leaf villager guide in this article. This game is pretty fun and requires your focus to finish every task given.

Another interesting thing about this game is that you can change the appearance of your player as you like. All you need to do is to read this article and find out anything you need to know to enhance your game.

Animal Crossing Villagers – Overview

Animal Crossing New Leaf Villagers Guide

We would say that playing Animal Crossing New Leaf is so interesting. The game also includes the presence of villagers, residents, and people that will visit your island. However, all villagers are animals but they have an anthropomorphic feature that seems like villagers in general.

Their lifestyle and daily routines are like humans in general as well. You need to play the game and make money so you need to deal with the villagers yet understand how to make things work. The characters that may seem crossing come from different animal types.

You can also move various types of animals to your city and make them the residents there. Besides residents, the characters can also be set into a store owner just like how humans work in real life. Another activity that will be done by the villagers in this game is planting crops, shaking trees, and buying supplies from the shops around.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Villager Jobs 

As we have mentioned earlier, the villagers may plant something and buy stuff from the store. Other than that, they will also move randomly in the city you have. You may need to set a home so you will know which villager will move in next.

Talking about the daily cycle, there is no specific time to sleep for the villagers. On the other hand, their houses will stay locked while they are sleeping. According to the Animal Crossing New Leaf villager guide, you cannot perform certain activities as the player such as peeping inside wardrobes, chests, and other storage types in other’s houses.

Other than that, you have no access to the light switch in a villager’s house. At some point, you may have a chance to take a look at a storage unit where the villager provides a furniture item, just like some Nintendo games you have played before. More than anything, you need to understand each character in this game along with the villagers.

About the Villagers in Animal Crossing New Leaf

The villagers have several things you need to know. The things include appearance, personalities, campsite, and how to start villagers. Talking about the appearance, there are a series of things you will find in this game.

Villagers’ Appearance

As we have mentioned earlier, the villagers are animals. However, they have two feet to stand and can walk around like how humans use those things. Other than that, they have arms as well.

The appearance will later need to get some touch of makeup and dress style. The villagers can talk, laugh, cry, and so on. As the player, you can learn a bunch of emotions in the game by unlocking Dr. Shrunk’s Club LOL.

Villagers’ Personalities

Personalities of the villagers are divided according to gender. For the male villagers, they have smug, jock, lazy, and cranky. Meanwhile, the female villagers are showing some personalities such as Uchi, normal, peppy, and snooty.

The hobbies shared by the villagers are the combination of each personality type. It just seems like how humans act in real life. All personalities share similar traits as well. Again, you can learn each personality by unlocking the Club LOL.

Starting Villagers

When you start the game, Starting Villagers is what you call the villagers you have at your town once you have started the game. The villagers might be random for each town. In the town, there would be 5 villagers with 10 as the maximum numbers. You can play the game and experience the moving-in-and-out from your villagers.


You may also build a campsite in your town and the villagers, a random one, will use it to visit. If your town only has 9 or fewer villagers, you can persuade them to move into the campsite. Just keep in mind that you may find some stubborn villagers so they might be harder to be convinced to move-in anyway.

You can also build a police station and the visitors may get a camping permit when they want to stay and make a camp. These are things you need to know about the villagers in the Animal Crossing New Leaf.

As we have mentioned earlier, this game is fun and you will use your strategy to build your town so villagers will pay a visit. And this is the end section of the ACNL villager guide.

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