Useful Animal Crossing New Leaf Tips to Start and Play the Game Easily

Anyone who has just decided to play the old installment of Animal Crossing entitled New Leaf will need some basic Animal Crossing New Leaf tips. This game comes with a lot of things to deal with even at the beginning of the game already. There are choices to consider along with different outcomes of different selections made. It is important especially for new players to understand the basics of this unique game beforehand instead of just jumping right into the game without any knowledge of it. To start with, it is good to know about the game before anything else.

Basically, this ACNL game is about becoming a mayor in a town of human-like animal characters. The human-like term of this game means that the animal characters possess the traits of human such as emotions and psychology. The actual term to call that is anthropomorphic. That is what makes this game really unique and so fun. Even the latest installment of this game entitled Animal Crossing New Horizons is totally popular nowadays upon its recent release in March 20th of 2020 for Nintendo Switch. That is the most basic thing to know about this game before starting out the game.

Create and Customize the Character

Character customization is a huge part of this game. That includes the customization of in-game character’s face and hairstyle. There is a character named Rover that has its role to help players determining the look of their in-game character.

Among the Animal Crossing New Leaf tips is to understand the basic system to create the character’s look based on questions asked by Rover. The questions are about the name and gender of the in-game character first. Once the name and gender are settled, three questions will be asked by Rover to determine the many selections that affect the character’s look.

The customization of the look includes 24 different possibilities of face after answering the three questions from Rover. The 24 facial looks are actually only 12 looks for male and female so the total is 24. Knowing which answers that eventually lead to which facial looks are crucial for new players so that the preferred look of the character can be obtained. This is a bit tricky while at the same time making it a fun way just to determine the look of the in-game character. So, even just to create the look of the character is already challenging, right?

Furthermore, the hairstyle customization is a bit similar to the facial appeal stuff. There is a place to customize the hairstyle of the character known as the Shampoodle hair salon. The owner is Harriet that will ask several questions as well just like Rover to determine the available hairstyles to choose. Hairstyle customization is another one if the Animal Crossing New Leaf tips to know. Unfortunately, it takes a bit of effort in the game to unlock the hair salon at the later stage. It is not really a place that can be accessed from the beginning of the game.

Villagers and Amiibo Cards

The ACNL villagers are all characters within the environment of the game aside of the in-game character of the players. As mentioned earlier about this game that is basically about a town full of human-like animal characters, the vast scope of villagers is all based on real-life animals. Generally, there are 5 groups of characters in the game. Those groups include residents, villagers, shop owners and side characters, visiting characters, and new residents. In total the number is exactly at 333 in terms of the villagers to move into the town. The villagers are surely fascinating aspect of this game.

Even amidst the Animal Crossing New Leaf tips there is no exact way to know when and which villager will move into the town next. Yet, this particular matter is actually related to the so-called Amiibo cards. That is actually a later update for the game that leads to a kind of crossover with other spin-off games including the Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival. The Amiibo system allows players to contact wisp to eventually move in any villager into the town by using the information on the cards. Yet, the random crossing system remains the same within the game until today.

The form of the Amiibo cards is actually trading cards. The characters in the cards are the characters that can be moved in into the town at any time. There are 5 series in total of the Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards with 100 cards in each series. Out of the 100 cards there are 83 regular characters and 17 special characters. The cards are all available worldwide and in a perfect compatibility with 3 different modern Animal Crossing games. Surely one of the Animal Crossing New Leaf tips is to collect the cards for the benefits in enjoying the game.

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