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ACNL Fish Guide
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How is the Animal Crossing New Leaf fish guide? Animal Crossing is one of the social simulation games. In the game, the character is living in a town or village which is full of the anthropomorphic animal. So, you must manage the town and be the mayor. Of course, there are many things to do to establish the town well and gain more money in the form of Bells. One of the activities to do during the game is fishing. To know more about how to fish well in the game, you can follow some guides and tips below.

Buying Fishing Rod in Animal Crossing New Leaf Fish

Just like what you must do in real life, you need a fishing rod for fishing. You need to spend around 500 Bells to get the rod and purchase it at Nookling General Stores. In some cases, rods are empty or sold out. So, you need to go to the town hall and ask questions to Isabelle, the information administrator. Isabelle will give you some suggestions to live well in the town, including how to get the fishing rod. One of the suggestions given is probably by selling one of your properties to get the rod.

Places for Fishing

In any place with water in Animal Crossing, it is where you can get fishes. There are the ocean, the river, and even small ponds. Interestingly, there are so many ponds spreading around in the town. So, you can go there for this activity. Sure, the number of fishes in the pond is not as many as the larger areas like the ocean or the river. Another idea is fishing while traveling. You can do it by visiting the tropical island. More importantly, you must be able to predict well, when the fishing activity can be done. You need to learn more about the best time and weather suitable for fishing.

Upgrading the Fishing Rod

The better the fishing rod you have, you will get more fishes for sure. So, if your bells are enough, make sure to upgrade the fishing rod. There are mainly 2 levels of the fishing rod, they are silver and gold. For the silver fishing rod, fishes prefer biting it longer than when you are fishing with a regular rod. So, catching fishes are simple and not taking too much time. To get the silver fishing rod, you can purchase it on the second floor of the town’s museum. You must donate at least 30 fishes for this upgrade.

After the silver rod, you can upgrade it once more into the gold rod. The effect is that fishes love to bite and bit down even much longer than the silver rod. To get the gold rod, it is more difficult in which you must talk to the host of the fishing tournament. You can do it after catching the fish during the game.

Fishes to Get in Animal Crossing New Leaf

There are so many types of fish you can catch in the game. Each of them has its own characteristics, value, shadow, location, and time to appear. To learn more about them, you indeed need to spare more time in the town for fishing. One of the most popular fishes in the game is Bitterling. It values 900 and the shadow is known as the shortest. Meanwhile, the fish can be found widely in the river. It cannot be found every day throughout the year. It is best found starting from December to February from 4 am to 9 pm.

The next popular fish type in the game is Pale Chub. The value is only 200 but it can be easily caught since it swims in the shortest shadow area in the river. You can catch the fish throughout the year mostly from March to June and from August to November from 9 am to 4 pm.

Some fishes are known to have high values but to get them all; it needs more attempts for sure. For example, there is Koi with 4,000 values but the shadow is long and you can get them in the river throughout the year. There is also the type of soft-shelled turtle with a value of 3,750. The shadow is medium and you can get them in the river also only in August and September. Additionally, the highest value is owned by Giant Snakehead that can be only found in the lake. The value is 5,500 and the shadow is very long. You can catch it starting from June to August.

Scheduling Your Character for Fishing

There are so many activities you must do in the town. So, fishing is often not the priority when in it. Therefore, you must schedule your character so that he still has enough time for fishing. He or she must not go fishing every day. Choose the time when many fishes look available more. For example, it is from June to August that seems to have many types of fishes even those with big values appear. Now, follow the Animal Crossing New Leaf Fish guide and play the game.

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