Animal Crossing New Leaf Bug Guide For You to Try

Making bells (money) in the game Animal Crossing can be done in various ways. Completing many bugs can be the right choice. Animal crossing is also a fun game to do. Catching bugs will provide many benefits by exchanging a number of bugs. To be able to capture bugs needed equipment that supports, so capturing bugs can be maximized. Net is needed to be able to catch bugs.

Using the Net for Animal Crossing is quite easy and there is no time limit in Net usage. What needs to be considered is the resilience of the Net. When frequently used the Net becomes damaged. If the Net used is damaged, players can do repairs independently or DIY and if the damage is already severe, players can buy at Nook’s Cranny to get a new one. To get the bug more optimally, there are several things you can know about Animal Crossing New Leaf bug guides for you to try.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Bug Guide
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ACNL bug guide you need to know

Previously please note that by catching bugs can be used for various things. Bugs can be used to make money which will give players the advantage going forward. Then the bugs can also be submitted to the Museum and can be used as furniture or even bugs can be used as a nice gift.

Basically, bugs are items that are easy to find and sell properly. Finding bugs can be maximized if you know the right way and time to be able to catch bugs even with good quality bugs. A good bug will certainly produce more bells. Like other insects, good bugs are also valued at a good price that can give players a lot of income.

Get the right time to catch bugs

Almost all places throughout the island can be found by bugs. Usually bugs are found in trees, rocks, flowers and even rivers. Bugs that don’t recognize this season will be easy to find. The thing that players need to know is the right time to be able to catch bugs that are not only numerous but also have good quality, so that the selling points are higher. Bugs have many types, where each type has many variations with different values as an animal crossing new leaf bug guide. To win a quality bug, of course you need a good calculation and the right steps to be able to catch it .

To be able to catch bugs, players must have a good plan because the bus can run away because they don’t want to be caught. To be able to catch bugs better. Before catching a bug, you must sneak up so that the bug is not aware of your presence. If the player is in a hurry then the bug will stay away from the player and the bug will not come back again, of course this is not desirable.

First, recognize when the right time to catch bugs, especially when the right season to catch the bugs that have the best price. Get to know the types of bugs that exist and determine when certain beetles will usually appear. Here are some of the best bugs that appear based on the right time. Jewel Beetle worth 2,400 located in Tree Trunk from February to August at 8 AM-5PM. 10,000 Stag Giant can be found in Tree Trunk from July to August at 11 PM-8AM. Rainbow Stag which is valued at 10,000 is also more commonly found in Tree Trunk in July or September at 7 PM-8AM and July to August at 5 PM-8AM. 12,000 Horned Hercules are found in the Palm Trunks in July-August at 5 PM-8AM.

Usually bugs that are more expensive will usually come out at night. You can hunt for bugs better at night. Catching a few bugs will produce more value. These bugs are usually placed on trees. Before you catch bugs you have to sneak slowly to fool the bugs, the sound of fast steps will make them escape. If you slip well, catching bugs will be easier.

Must be considered of ACNL bug guide

Making bells by selling bugs for various purposes is important. There are some important tips that must be done.

  1. Try to relax when catching bugs. Walking slowly when you want to catch bugs becomes easier. By walking, bugs will be easier to catch
  2. Recognize the change of seasons when you want to catch bugs. Try to find out when the best bug will appear.
  3. Provide tools to properly bug bugs. A tool to catch good bugs will be able to improve.
  4. Gently place it so that bugs can accumulate in the finger.

Get easily to ACNL bug guide that will give you a variety of uses with theory. Follow the above methods better to catch bugs, so that my table can be used for a long time.


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