Animal Crossing New Leaf Art Guide that Will Help You

Are you looking for an Animal Crossing New Leaf art guide? Well, if you are, then you have come to the right place. Animal Crossing New Leaf has become quite a popular video game amongst gamers. This video game is a social simulation video game that allows you to enjoy the beautiful world that you can experience in this game. Because of how fun and entertaining this game is, a lot of people from all over the world came to love this game. There are so many exciting things that you can do and many interesting characters that you will find in this video game.

Although this video game sounds like just fun and games, it is not as easy to be played as it seems to be. A lot of adults even find some of the things in this game to be quite difficult. Luckily for you, there are guides out there that can help you when it comes to playing this game.

These guides will tell you things that you might not be able to figure out yourself. That is why having a guide will certainly be helpful for you when you are playing this game. Fortunately for you, we are going to give you a simple guide on this video game.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Art Guide

There are so many things that you can find in Animal Crossing New Leaf. One of the most fascinating things that you can find in this game is the works of art that will be available in this amazing video game. Art plays quite an important part in this game.

One of the important tasks that you need to do in this video game is to complete a museum. This museum should be filled with many works of art, which are paintings, that you will be able to donate. Your job as the player is to complete the art collection at the museum by donating paintings.

Donating Paintings at the Museum

The next question is: how do you donate paintings to the museum? Well, luckily for you, our Animal Crossing New Leaf art guide has all the answers for you. You will be able to donate paintings to the museum by purchasing those paintings from a character in the game. That character is one who is known as Crazy Redd. After you get a painting, you can donate the painting to Blathers, which is the director of the museum.

Crazy Redd is a fox who works as an art dealer. You will be able to find Crazy Redd in your town, specifically in the Plaza. He appears only once a week on a random weekday. On the day when he appears, he will set up a tent someplace in the Plaza. You will be able to interact with Crazy Redd once you find him at the Plaza. He will have 4 art pieces that he will offer you every time you meet him.

Buying a Painting from Crazy Redd

This is the part where it gets tricky. Although Crazy Redd sells paintings, not all of them are genuine paintings. Some of the paintings that he sells can be fake paintings. These fake paintings will not be accepted by Blathers. Therefore, you will not be able to complete the art collection at the museum if you keep buying the wrong painting.

However, you do not have to worry. There is a way for you to spot real paintings and fake paintings in Animal Crossing New Leaf. That is exactly what this Animal Crossing New Leaf art guide is here to tell you. Here is a simple guide that will tell you how to tell the difference between real paintings and fake paintings.

Real Paintings and Fake Paintings

There are so many paintings that you need to buy before you can complete the collection in the museum. Each painting has its cheap imitations, which will make it difficult for you to complete the art collection.

Every painting in this video game is based on real works of art that you can find in the real world. Every one of the paintings that Crazy Redd sells will have visible differences that will help you identify if it is fake.

For example, the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. The fake version of the painting is one where her fingers are pointing to the left instead of the right. Other paintings will also have their tell.


Animal Crossing New Leaf is one of the most popular video games that was developed by Nintendo. If you want to play this game, then you need to know a lot of things, including the art in this game. This Animal Crossing New Leaf art guide will help you play this game easily.

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