The Ultimate ACNL Shampoodle Guide for New Players of ACNL

The older version of Animal Crossing known as the New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS remains popular with people constantly searching for ACNL Shampoodle guide. Well, New Leaf was released in November 8th of 2012 so it is not new at all. The latest installment of Animal Crossing is the one entitled New Horizons for Nintendo Switch. It has just been released in March 20th of 2020. The rising popularity of New Horizons leads to the rediscovery of the old version of the game once again. Those who do not own Switch simply revisit their 3DS for the old one.

What is the ACNL Shampoodle Guide for?

It is important to understand the so-called Shampoodle first before going further into other things. Shampoodle is actually a hair salon in the game of Animal Crossing New Leaf. That is the place to look for and adopt all kinds of hairstyle for the in-game character.

Certainly, personalizing the in-game character to be played is a fun thing to do in any game with that specific feature. Once going through this guide, altering the look of an in-game character of ACNL is totally easy as pie. There are tons of hairstyle to choose with more personalization options to take consider.

Unfortunately, the features to customize in-game character’s hair are not available immediately upon starting to play the game. There are certain requirements needed to unlock the Shampoodle hair salon. As an ACNL Shampoodle guide, it shows the things needed to get access to the hair salon in the game.

It needs a series of things to be done along the gameplay progression of the game first. Understanding this is really important to enjoy the hair customization of the in-game character of Animal Crossing New Leaf. So, pay attention to the things needed in order to unlock the Shampoodle hair salon.

Shampoodle hair salon in the ACNL game is accessible after Kicks shop is unlocked first. What makes it rather tricky is that to unlock Kicks shop it requires the amount of at least 8000 bells spent in the shop of Able Sisters. Earning that amount is not easy at first so it may take a bit of time.

Right after Kicks shop is operational; spend at least 10000 in that shop or in Able Sisters’ before unlocking Shampoodle. Once the amount has reached its requirements and Kicks shop has been operational for at least 10 days then Shampoodle is accessible.

ACNL Shampoodle Guide to Change Hairstyle

Next thing to do after following this ACNL Shampoodle guide is to finally personalize the hairstyle of the in-game character. There are many different hairstyles to choose from the list provided in the Shampoodle hair salon of the game. There is no exact guide on how to choose a particular hairstyle since that are pretty much personal preferences.

Depending on the intended actual look of the in-game character, different treatments and steps will certainly be needed. Just make sure to go through the basics of the hairstyle customization on this guide to get the picture of it while playing ACNL.

The most important aspect is to answer the questions from Harriet as the owner of Shampoodle hair salon. That will eventually determine the available selections of the hairstyle to pick. This step is pretty much the same as answering the questions from Rover to determine the facial appearance of the in-game character. That was the previous steps before starting the game for sure.

The answers eventually narrow down the selections of hairstyle available. Choose Formal, Private Life, and Doesn’t matter options to get to random hairstyle. Pay attention to the answers to be able to get different options of hairstyle.

Changing the hairstyle of the in-game character of Animal Crossing New Leaf is only possible for once each day in the game. Thus, it is possible to change the hairstyle every day. Another thing in terms of the ACNL Shampoodle guide is to change the air color.

Following the selection of hairstyle, Harriet will offer the chance to alter the color of the hair as well. There are 16 different colors to choose by placing the slider into certain positions and choosing the color types. For example, natural color type with the slider near top will give ash brown color.

Meanwhile the hair of the in-game character will change into messy hair style when the game is not being played for 15 days in a row. That may be longer with the ordinance of Beautiful Town is in place in the game though. In terms of changing hairstyle, after 15 hairstyle changes in a row Harriet will offer the selections of opposite gender’s hairstyles. It means that a male in-game character will be offered the hairstyles of female in-game character and vice versa. That is all about the basics of the ACNL Shampoodle guide to alter hairstyles and the colors.

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