Animal Crossing New Leaf Guide [Essential Guides]

So, it does not make sense to play Animal Crossing New Leaf without understanding the game since understanding this game is not easy at all. That’s all you need to know some best tips which are needed to win in this animal crossing new leaf guide, even this guide also includes animal crossing new leaf hair guide, animal crossing new leaf fish guide, animal crossing new leaf character guide and so on.

Anything you need is here, so you read this article only. Even this article also talks about the villagers which are important to know the ACNL villagers along with other characters as well. You will be surprised that this game is one of the best games among Nintendo consoles.

Animal Crossing New Leaf : Game Overview

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Animal Crossing New Leaf is a game series of classic Animal Crossing owned by Nintendo for a handy device. This game is full of an animal as thematic view along with its habitat, this game is full of interesting characters such as bugs and animals who come to life in this game giving you with the real-life experience where you can meet different types of animals, catching bugs that you do not loke and swinging the net on some unlucky fish.

There are many things that you can do here. Before we just talk about the main points, in this guide, you should know that you will never be disappointed playing this game. Even if you feel disappointed anytime you stop playing the game and keep going your life which is kind of monotonous.

Although the bugs and animal concepts may seem easy to you in the beginning, there are some adults who have played this game and have some issues on many game aspects that you do not know. Well. This game is kind of perfect entertainment for you and finally can bright up your day at the same time.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Guide List

Hair Guide

Do you want to get better hair in your life but you cannot try an experiment in this game? Then you can check this animal crossing the new leaf hair guide. You will reach a stage where you have a chance to give your character a hairstyle look. But you should pass the whole process before you can get an ideal hairstyle. To understand the color guide, then you have to learn about shampoodle guides.

Ways to unlock shampoodle

Before you can enter details on how you can get a perfect hairstyle, then you need to know about ACNL shampoodle. Before you can open it, then you need to open the kicks to unlock kicks, then you have to spend at least 8000 bells on the able sister’s shop. Your kicks will open if you have spent at least 10 days after the town was made.

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How to change the hairstyle in ACNL?

The first thing when it comes to ACNL hairstyle, then the part of the matter should be alright with what you are looking for and answer many questions from Harriet such as if you go with the random style, then you need to slide to formal and go with private life and doesn’t matter. If you want to get natural hair color, it means that you need to choose one of the nine points that you can find in the slider. Now you can choose the intense to bright palettes. You need to choose 4 vibrant colors. Keep in mind that your hair was done once a day and it costs you 3000 bells.

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Fish Guide

If you want to make it a success by surviving the bugs and fish in ACNL, then you need to know this guide to help you get the best animal crossing new leaf guide. In the ACNL world, there are 74 fish that include 12 different species. To get fishing, then you need to buy your fishing rod from the Looking general costs, and it costs you 500 bells. There is also an alternative like you go to Town Hall and at the receptionist’s desk, start a conversation with Isabelle and listen to all the advice sessions. She may sell it. Keep in mind that you need to tell her that you are interested in fishing and you do not catch the bugs.

animal crossing new leaf fishing guide
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After that, you need to find your target by looking for fish shadows. There are several places such as a tropical island, small ponds, rivers, and ocean. The fish availability is depending on the weather location, time of year and time of day as well. Now the first step is completing your rod with the bait and you need to press  A. Ideally, fish will take your bait. The key is watching the floater. When the fish is completely going underwater, then you need to press A quickly to catch the fish. Be careful, if you press it too early or late, then the fish will go.

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Coffee Guide

In the ACNL guide, then you will find a Roost cafe where you can get some coffee on the run. To get your own coffee, all you do is sit in the stool in front and Brewster and just order your coffee. But you only can take coffee once a day. At first, when you start to order your coffee, he serves you with plain coffee, but the more times you order it, then the more options that you can choose such as adding sugar or milk, even choosing the coffee beans as well.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Coffee Guide
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So, when playing with an animal crossing a new leaf, you may get offered for a job opportunity in a very cool cafe known as the Roost cafe. Since you have a choice to work here and earn yourself in this game. Being one of the workers in the Rooster cafe can be a great opportunity for you. There are many things that you can do here.

However, it is not easy to work here since you need to know which characters or villagers who prefer what type of coffee you really want to get your own rewards. To know their preferences, then you need to know the mix of milk and sugar that each character likes. That’s why you need to present yourself to the ACNL coffee guide here so you can get a great reward as well.

Bug Guide

If you want to catch a bug, be careful to press A to sneak up slowly. After you are on the reach, then you can release A button and your net will jump forward to get that big. If you missed it, then you may catch a bug by mashing the A button, however, sometimes the bug will run away. Of course, you need practices so do not be discouraged if you can’t catch it for the first time. This game has around 80 bugs and you need to see how to make money with it.

to catch bugs, then you need a net. The first net that you will get in this game is a tiny net that you can upgrade to the DIY level. There are no limits to what a  net can catch here. If your net breaks, then you can get a new one in the DIY bench with the sources that you can find surrounding yourself.

Bugs will occur in different environments and locations. stones, trees, rivers, flowers and light sources play important roles where bugs will occur. Many bugs also need specific environments to spawn, thus you need to decorate your island. If you do not have any flower or tree, then your bug population will be lacking.

Weather is one of the essential conditions which can affect bugs to come up. During spring, butterflies do not come when it’s raining, instead, you will meet grasshoppers.

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Character Guide

In the ACNL Guide, then anything is always being more personal and different. You can start a new game in that place as a mayor in your town. But it is not a town that you can adjust or customize. It allows you to give your character different clothes, faces, and hairstyles.

After you start the game, Rover will ask you some questions. After you choose the town name and layout, then your answer will be asked that also affects your character’s look. You need to follow some conversation flows and keep reading to see what different models will look like.

If you see “Well, that’s a fantastically great name!” – then you can choose, “cute, right?” To select a girl and “cool, right?” If you select a boy. You should know that this question will affect your gender, but not affect other characteristics. “You seem like a pretty cool guy to me!” – or – “And so fitting for a girl like you!” – You can answer “I’m not a boy!” or girl to switch the opposite gender. Or you can choose “I know, right?” to keep your selected gender. You should know that this question will affect your character’s gender. At this point, Rover will keep asking you some questions related to the town and why you headed there.

Art Guide

So, to complete your museum. Then you have to purchase paintings and artworks from Crazy Redd. But, some of the artworks were fake that Blathers never accept. How to tell the real ones? One day in a week in your town, Crazy Redd will get a tent in the Townsquare. He sold four works of art.

You have to check items that you want to purchase. He never gives them to you right away. Instead, he sent it to you the next day, so you should be careful. After you purchase it, then you cannot switch your mind to different items.

Sometimes, Crazy Redd sells fake artworks which are cheap imitations from the real artworks. Blathers does not want to accept any fake for the museum, so you should do your best to avoid being trapped. How to tell differences? You should know that each artwork was based on a real artwork in real life. Fake artworks always have a visible difference from the real ones. So, you should be careful.

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Redd Guide

You should know that Animal Crossing New Leaf Redd is one of the most important things in this game. In the ACNL art guide, then you need to know about paintings and sculptures which were provided by Crazy Redd – he is a fox that occurs close to the central Plaza.

Usually, on the day when Redd was in the town, there were around four paintings for sale. Usually, three of them were fake. As a player, you can purchase one item per day. There are many things that you can do with ACNL paintings, such as you can display it in your home or sell it to get bells or donate to the museum.

However, before making any purchasing on a fake painting, you have to spot the fake paintings from the authentic ones. Therefore, you need this guide which helps you to find out fake paintings when you are on this stage. As mentioned earlier that there is no fake painting will be accepted by Blathers.

To ensure that you have the skill to reach this stage, then you can check on the detailed ACNL art guide to help you with this stage. As mentioned before that art is a very important phase. Since there is another important part known as the furniture collection. There are around 33 works of alt that you can collect, including 8 sculptures and 25 paintings.

Flower Guide

Of course, you will meet flowers in different places of the Animal Crossing New Leaf Guide. You will meet random flowers in different places in the town and those flowers might occur randomly. This is because villagers can plant new flowers anytime. You also have the same chance and plant flowers as you wish.

Now, you may need an ACNL flower guide to help you plant various hybrids depending on your wish. So, hybrid flowers will occur when you breed two different flowers at the same time to make unique colors which have never been presented in the garden shop. So, you can grow new plants by placing flowers from the same species in different colors to get the same species flower but they come up with new colors.

For example. You can put the red rose next to the white rose in between to get more unique colors. Another idea that you can choose is that you will get worse flowers with space in between so that your flowers can grow up properly. You should know about the hybrid side here and what fertilizers and other items that can help you to grip up beautiful flowers for you. This is also important to store your fertilizers which been sold in Leif’s shop after you succeed unlock t&t emporium.

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Eye Guide

In ACNL, players can change their eye color using the contact lens. This option is available throughout Harriet in Shampoodle after it has opened for 14 days and players can get at least one haircut as well. This is also similar to the haircut, players will be asked some questions to decide the colors and it costs you 3000 bells.

After the player pay, then you cannot cancel the color. The eye color is only available in the player’s town and if you have gotten a haircut, then you cannot change the eye color at the same time. To get the desired color, then you have to choose answers which decide the result as well.

For example, the vast kay can be pitch black, like rain was coming or a clear sky. Then the large trees will give you a kind of greeny eye color just like abundant leaves. The large trees give you the brown tone just like sturdy trunks. There are many options available to you based on your answers.

Face Guide

If you are looking for a detailed guide in Animal Crossing New Leaf Face guide, then you just come in the right place. In this article, you will find more detailed information related to the face guide, including the ACNL eye guide as well. When deciding the best steps that you take to appear as you want, then this article helps you a lot.

This is very important that you have to follow some steps below in the overall face guide since hidden information you may not notice will ruin your look. After you start the game. Then Rover will ask you about some questions such as your name and gender as mentioned before. Rover also asked 3 questions to you, on how you look after you choose your gender and name as well.

You will be led by your replies. When you are on the train, then you will be gifted by Rover – this is basically a chance of having 24 appearances that you can choose. There are 12 appearances for each gender. It may be pretty hard to consider which replies to those questions that tell you about the look that you want. To help you, then you can check a chart and you can see the mix of answers that give you a different look as well. This chart is all that you need to get a perfect facial look.

Makeup Guide

As mentioned before that Shampoodle is an ACNL hair salon located in Main Street. In Shampoodle, then you can talk to Harriet as the owner. He can help you to change your hair color, hairstyle, and eye color as well. To unlock the Shampoodle, then you need to unlock Kicks first as mentioned before.

To do it, then you have to spend at least 8000 bells in the Able Sister’s Shop which is located under Shampoodle. The Kicks will open at least 10 days after it was opened and Sampoodles will open the secondary story in the Able Sister’s Building.

You can talk to Harriet and pay it to change your hair. You need to sit in a styling chair and he will ask you several questions. Your answers also help you to decide what hairstyle he will give it to you. The chart shows you with the hairstyles that you can get for your characters based on your answers. Keep in mind that you only can get your hairstyle once per day.

When you change your hair color, Harriet also asks you with desired hair colors. There are around 16 colors. When Shampoodle has been open for 14 days and you have changed your hairstyle at least once, then you get an option to change your eye colors.

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Villager Guide

one thing which can make animal crossing new leaf guide so interesting is that it includes ACNL villagers, residents and people who invite this town. All villagers were basically animals which have the anthropomorphic characteristic. Therefore, you will see that all villagers here have a lifestyle just like humans along with their daily routines as well.

To play this game properly and earn money, then this is very important to understand how to deal with ACNL villagers here. The characters here also include different animals that move to your town and show you that they are residents. Instead of occupants, owners were also characters.

Sometimes, ACNL villagers plant flowers, purchase items or goods in the store and shake trees. How villagers work is that they are moving randomly.  There is no way to know which villagers will move next unless you get the home set up. Also, you do not know how they assured a villager from another city to keep or they have assured the villagers to move to the campsite. There is no special time for ACNL villagers to sleep and the home stays unlocked for a while.